Holiday Hearts

Holiday Hearts

A heartwarming collection of three Christmas romance novellas

Holiday Hearts

Love is in the air this Christmas, but will they take a chance on romance?

The December Deal

Lilia Carrigan is under pressure to raise money for her dad’s cancer treatment. Wealthy Vincent Morgenstern has to marry in order to inherit the company he loves so much. A marriage of convenience solves both their problems, but as Lilia and Vincent fake their way through events, holding hands and kisses, will their December deal stay professional or will real feelings ruin everything?

A Heart for the Holidays

Silver Morgenstern is a hospital administrator who can’t understand why Fisher Tibbs would request to be removed from the heart donation list. She’s determined to convince this big-hearted charity founder with so much to give that life is worth the fight. What she doesn’t expect is that the heart that’s saved just might be her own…

December Deception

High-powered lawyer Henry Hale is dreading his exuberant family’s holiday celebrations. His co-worker, Lorelai Sullivan, jumps at the chance to be a buffer at Henry’s family events and prove she’s partner-worthy in the law firm. Can a little holiday magic bring the two workaholic legal eagles together for more than just business?

Warm yourself up with these three small-town novellas, published for the first time in one HEA-guaranteed!

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