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Get ready for the third Wyn Security novel: Protecting Her Secrets! It’s a stand-alone happily ever after, but if you want to catch up, there’s time! Find Protecting The Prince and Protecting His Heart here:

Coming October 10th:

Fans of Mr. and Mrs. Smith will adore the latest Wyn Security novel!

Bodyguard Eddie Dever always has a wisecrack at the ready so no one will guess the painful past he keeps under wraps. Until the younger brother he abandoned gets scooped up by the FBI on murder charges, that is. Clearing Leo’s name is the first step on Eddie’s path to redemption—if he can get past the ice queen FBI agent in charge of the task force connected to the case.

Special Agent Hannah Malone is laser focused on putting the crime boss responsible for her brother’s death behind bars, even if that means informant Leo Dever becomes a casualty. Telling Eddie a few lies, stretching a couple truths, and misleading the one man willing to help her … well, it’s a small price to pay for justice.

But things get sticky when the two go undercover as Mr. and Mrs. and the pretense starts to feel all too real. Unfortunately, both Eddie and Hannah have one more surprise up their sleeves that can blow the lid off of more than a crime boss’s enterprise.

Can they find a way to trust before they take the job too far?